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For your Semiconductor and MEMS fabrication, integrated circuit, discrete semiconductor or sensor device – make Semefab your first call. We have more than 30 years of experience and produce over 500 million die and devices per annum from our 3 wafer fabrication facilities located on a single site in Glenrothes, Scotland. Contact us today!

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Semefab operates 3 wafer fabs on a single site in Glenrothes, UK, across a broad technology base of MEMS sensors and CMOS & Linear IC's, Discrete semiconductor devices. Close liaison with our highly experienced product design and process engineering team ensures a successful outcome to process development/induction and process optimisation leads to high yield, cost-effective manufacture. Our strategic stocking policy and agreements with repeat order customers ensure excellent on-time delivery performance. Rigorous application of FMEA studies and statistical process control ensure consistent high quality of processing and results in high process and electrical test yields.


Semefab produces a broad range of semiconductor devices on a foundry basis, including MEMS sensors, discrete semiconductors and mixed signal and analogue IC's of medium-scale integration. Examples being, pressure sensor, gas sensor, thermopile sensor, biosensor, PIN diode, JFET, op-amps, precision analogue IC's, photopic light sensor and ASIC's.