Three Wafer Fab Operations

Semefab operates 3 wafer fabs on the Glenrothes site. Fab1 MOS/BiPolar, Fab2 MEMS, Fab3 MOS/BiPolar.

Standard process building blocks exist. However, if you need something non-standard, Semefab offers the added advantage of customising the process steps to your specific requirements.

Fab1 supports 4" CMOS/Bipolar technologies down to 2–3 micron minimum feature size.

Fab2 supports 6" & 4" MEMS technologies down to 0.8 micron minimum feature size. Our MEMS fab's infrastructure is completely autonomous and separate from Fabs1 & 3, thus eliminating any risk of cross-contamination.

Fab3 supports 6" CMOS/Bipolar technologies down to 0.8 micron minimum feature size.

Probe and Test conducts parametric testing of all wafers for conformity to process and functional testing of all die/devices for conformity to their functional specification.

Device qualification, accelerated Life Testing and reliability assessments are carried out on a periodic basis.

Semefab's accredited Quality and Environmental Management System covers all activities including the top level and operational management and review procedures.

A culture of Continuous Improvement is embraced throughout.